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at home is relishing that nail biting victory. >> may be that elite quarterback talk is over for joe flacco. >> he had a fabulous game. pete gilbert joins us where there is some interesting news today. >> we will talk about that interesting news item, but joe flacco had a chance -- and i had a chance to chat with him. he is on top of the world. he completed one of the greatest post-season runs for a quarterback. is he in a different? what do you think? of course not. he was there with his wife and being absolutely like he has been. as far as a game last night the reason he is the mvp, he was
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fantastic. the shortfall, the ball, whatever he needed to do. he evaded a good san francisco rush, making plays as well. 11 touchdowns, zero interceptions. only joe mantegna has declared that effort. his wife dana is pregnant once again. the last time they played the 49ers, he learned that inflation, too. >> last year and we played the 49ers we told my family after the game on things giving and it happened to work out this way again so it is a good look thing, i think. >> do you want to play the 49ers' again? >> i do not know. i might end up with too many kids. i do not know how to handle all that. i do not know any more.
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>> as long as it accompanies a win with a child, he will take that. >> the line goes outside here. do you know why they're here? these are ravens fans and they're going to get a free hamburger and they are in line to get that hamburger today. it will not be hungry for long. >> i was afraid my blood pressure was going to lose it. but we did not. >> everybody describes last night's game as a storybook ending to a great season. >> it had minner is at the end. it was a good game. it was nail biting, nerve
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racking but it was awesome. , ravens. it was cool. intense. retiring.lewis what a game that was. it was a nail biter. >> that is a ravens game. that is the way they all are. >> my poor dog that i lost my mind. quex my grandson called and said i am -- and by watching the game? i said i am watching the game and sweating at the same time. quex he decided to give ravens fans a special treat. >> how many do you think you'll get away today? >> last week we get about 2000. today we ordered 4000 bread and i ordered close to 1,000 pounds of meat. >> by noon the place was packed
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as folks came in to their free burger. >> everyone is happy the ribbons are super bowl champions. >> we actually won the championship. it is so exciting. >> a nail biter. the defense came on joe flacco. kraska for baltimore, good for the city. a nice win for the city. i like how he did it. >> there was no doubt in my mind. even at the end. >> even when they came back? >> it did not matter. i knew they were going to pull it out. >> we're live here with z burger, giving folks a free burger. how many did you get -- give out about? >> we did $5,000 worth which is
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1250 workers. we're expecting to do maybe $8,000 and i would say close to 2000 tonight. >> looks like it is busy. the gatt this land back here. this is a guy that is giving you a free burger. the tariff for him. thank you. i have one earlier and they are really good. you've got until 7:00 p.m. tonight to get your free burger. appreciate it. back to you. how're you doing? >> out of those thousands of burgers, how many did you save me? i want at least two. make sure you take care of that. we have to talk about the harbowl. after some reflection he talked
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about that today. we will share that in half an hour. >> thank you. back to baltimore. we have a live picture right now. that is the one carrying your world champion. just arriving from new orleans. we will have more on their arrival later on 11 news. >> i am not sure there are people who knew when they were coming in. maybe it was all top-secret. here in baltimore, preparations are in the works for massive purple pride parade in honor of the victory tomorrow. >> this will start at city hall and and at the stadium. e have more on the champions' celebration. this will be free and open to the public. >> whether there is snow or rain are sunshine it will be
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happening here at city hall. lots of clanging and banging today as workers are trying to get everything prepared. we have the scaffolding and the platforms set up behind me all ready to get started. >> we went through the super bowl down in new orleans. we came back. >> this fan is well prepared to welcome home the national football league super bowl champions. >> we love you. be here tomorrow. there is going to be a kick off. >> the parade kicks off with a short ceremony at city hall. workers are erecting scaffolding to hold the sound system and cameras and they're putting up fencing to help with crowd control. >> we're encouraging people to come out.
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>> the parade route proceed south on commerce street. it had south on howard street into the camden yards warehouse line and comes to an end at the stadium. a number of streets will close for the parade. there will be plenty of detours and delays. >> we're asking if you have to come down town you have to come early and stayed later. try to go around the downtown area instead of coming through downtown. it will sell a lot of headaches. >> the festivities continue and it is free for fans and there is free parking at the stadium. if you can, come out and celebrate. the ravens went to new orleans. for a list of streets that will be closed again go to our website, >> if you cannot make a downtown
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we will have live coverage tomorrow morning. >> this city has a lot of work to do after last night's overly enthusiastic celebrations. this streets were spelling with a lot of energy. just a little readiness. purple pride bursting at the seams and a clinic that followed. >> monday morning, downtown was still basking in a purple glow. kila to clean out the streets. fans had stormed the streets to celebrate. our helicopter captured the scene as they poured out of bars and restaurants downtown. the streets were crowded and fans were flying high. >> i have never seen anything like this in my life. i am proud to be part of it. >> it is like nothing we have
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had ever. nothing ever. >> the energy was electric on federal hill. this looked more like a rock concert. at times, things turned destructive, even dangerous. a group of people polled the street sign out of the ground. people jump on top of vehicles, damaging several including musicals. extra police officers patrolled the streets directing traffic and trying to control the crowd. overall fans were getty to call the city of the super bowl champions' home. >> that was a genius. >> baltimore city, do not mess with us. yeah. >> our extensive coverage continues online.
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>> a man posed as a maintenance worker to rob an out-of-town couple at an area hotel. >> why were they found the hand he may have been planning to strike again. >> amass a fire in washington county. the sending -- taking 100 firefighters to control. >> a chance for light snow coming our way. the insta-weatherplus forecast is next. >> i am downtown. the man accused of killing phylicia barns in front of a jury. >> congratulations, ray
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>> the middle of the field. and the niners with no interceptions. >> that all should have been thrown soft. even then it was going to be trouble.
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>> a drop back and he is intercepted by reid. >> watching over and over. >> it was so good we have to show to you a couple of times. he just knew he was going to pick one last night and that was one of the many amazing moments from last night's epic victory. >> their work a lot of moments and we will continue to look at the game that crowned the champions throughout the hour. our other big story tonight. attorneys presented the closing arguments in the trial of michael johnson, accused of murdering phylicia barnes. joining us live from courthouse these downtown. >> the cases in the hands of the jury. they heard 3.5 hours of closing arguments today. why so long?
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it is that kind of case. lots of holes for defense lawyers to attack. lots of bits and pieces for prosecutors to try to piece together to tell the story. prosecutors admit they are missing a so-called smoking gun in their case against michael johnson, but they are asking jurors to find them guilty of murdering 16-year-old phylicia barnes by stringing together the mostly circumstantial evidence they have. it is not one thing, prosecutor said, it is everything. take each piece and put it together. prosecutors believe johnson was romantically interested in phylicia barnes and jealous of time she spent with others. an inmate said he saw the body. in state's evidence shows order for that witness to be believed, johnson would have had to argue with her, forced her to have sex, deal with her crying,
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and took her to death, call the witness, consult with him, and move her body in a storage bin within a 30--- a 30-minute window. no phone record was presented to back up the story. it does not make sense and it is not possible, defense lawyers argued. despite the work of four law enforcement agencies over two years, they argued the biggest answers are missing. who, what, when, how, and why, defense argued. the state still has not answered. clear motive is one of those big pieces of the puzzle and it does not have a clear answer. the jury started deliberating at 4:00 p.m. and we have not heard from them at this point. >> thank you. there they are. they are getting off that delta flight in from new orleans. the super bowl champions.
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i would imagine most of these guys are snoring on the plane. they have had a late night of celebrations and they have to get ready tomorrow for the celebration honoring the world champions. >> i hope they had some time to celebrate. i think captain roy taylor is there. >> the players are in the process of debarking from the airplane. an escorted right up to owings mills. there are people here to greet the world champions. we understand there'll lot of people who are trying to slide on the side of the roadway to try and get a peak of the ravens but police are not allowing that. hopefully, they will finish loading up within the next 20 or 30 minutes and will be on their way up to owings mills for them
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to get in their personal vehicles and go home. we will take them from the airport and follow the escort all the way up to dr. baltimore and baltimore county and up to the goings mills training camp. when we get more information we will update you. i am capt. roy taylor. >> i wanted to ask a quick question before you go. where are the people that you were talking about? there were lots of people. are they on the roadway? >> the people are just the airport people. pretty much at the base of the airplane as you're getting off. police have not allowed anybody, no one to get down here where they are debarking at the cargo facility. you see a lot of people wishing the ravens, these other people who work here at the airport. >> i would imagine all delta
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workers. >> they're not at the ramp. there on the south side of the airport where the firehouse is. the new cargo facility. >> they do not ever the plane. they usually always come off in a private area like this. >> they used to come over there where the international terminal is over by signature. now they are utilizing this area here which used to be called the south ramp at b w i which is extremely secure. there's only one way in and one way out. it allows them to get the convoy set up to do the motorcade to where they have to go. if the players come down here to go on the airplane and they have to park their personal vehicles they're able to do it right here without having any issues. >> imagine if they came into the terminal. that would be chaos. thank you.
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>> now your 11 insta-weatherplus forecast was chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> i.t. of 35 degrees. we have seen our normal high temperatures hinging up to 43. a below normal of. look at the high of 72 degrees. the record low is five. going back to 1918. we're still caught in the weather pattern delivering the clippers. the move along quickly. they produce and injured two of snow in this one will be no different. in the mountains it is colder and the absolute of the mountains tends to squeeze the moisture. east of the mountains we're talking pretty much what we have seen for the past several of these. a light coating of snow. there will be slippery spots overnight for sure but this significant snowfall will be in the mountains where temperatures are in the 20's.
5:22 pm
right around the freezing point in the colder northern suburbs but it will be chilly tonight. in the mountains is where the snowfall will be significant. a higher elevation under the store morning. the advisory's extend across the western japan handle and southwestern pa as well. the snow is approaching baltimore as we head through the next few hours. reaching the city after a p.m. or so. and moving through quickly. by 1 or 2:00 a.m. it is gone off the coast so things should be fine for the morning rush hour. there will be slippery spots and untraded services might have a light coating of snow. partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day and temperatures will warm up a bit. weather conditions for the parade should be fine. we're in that first category in the central and eastern part of the state. a dusting or institute -- an inch or two in spots.
5:23 pm
some spots out there might go over 6 inches in the highest elevations of western maryland. 23 to 30 degrees tonight. and enter to in some spots. light southerly winds at 5 m.p.h. and sun said it 5:31 p.m. a flurry lingering into the early morning. most of the day, clouds and sun mixing. on the bay, wis averaging 1 foot. look at this chilly bay water temperatures, mid- to the upper 30's. that is where they have some potential for snow in mountains and snow showers on wednesday. around baltimore, temperatures look more normal. highs in the 40's and those in the 20's. liviu wintry mix on friday. -- maybe a wintry mix on friday. >> is not just the ravens fans
5:24 pm
honoring the ravens. purple parades' are popping up all over the country. all over the country.
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>> even the empire state building is showing off some purple pride with an impressive light show of its own. -- eliminated eliminated with purple. that was nice of them. the streets of this world were also honoring -- disney world were also honoring joe flacco. >> flacco was whisked through main street, u.s.a. joe flacco made good on his declaration and became the 26th mvp to go to disney world after the win. he threw three touchdowns in the
5:28 pm
first half of the victory over the san francisco 49ers. >> it was unbelievable. it has not sunk in yet. it was a wonderful ball game. in that fashion it was pretty awesome. >> his fans love him. >> we were on bourbon street at 1230 or 1:00 a.m. we packed it up at 4:00 a.m. and headed to the magic kingdom to see joe flacco, the mvp, baby. >> what time is it? >> game time. >> you're here to support the ravens. >> we won the super bowl. >> even went things got dark inside the superdome. >> it was not that bad. gojoe's conversation should along the lines of show me the money. " she waited to negotiate that contract until after the game was over.
5:29 pm
what do you say about that? >> i do not know. that will work itself out. not a bad thought. >> he would not want to be anywhere else but with the baltimore ravens. i heard there was another surprising news. a leading to -- are you get ting another raven? >> my wife told me to be quiet on that but everyone pretty much knows. >> a guest appearance tonight and that parade tomorrow. >> within the last few minutes, law enforcement officials have come forward in an impromptu press conference and what they had to say next. but first. >> an emotional moment for john harbaugh to shake his brother's hand but it was not the most
5:30 pm
powerful momen
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>> this is a special edition of wbal tv 11 news. the ravens, our super bowl champions./ >> that was us tonight, just the way we do it. gretzky lifted the lombardi trophy in honor of jo brigance.
5:32 pm
he talked about the bittersweet moment of edging out his brother in super bowl xlvii. >> when i talk to him earlier i asked if it would be hard to know that if you were to win the super bowl, at the same time it would be crashing the dream of your brother. he looked at me and he goes no. bravado.nmore he was devastated to learn that his brother suffered the ultimate defeat. you get that close to the pinnacle and you look across and see jim and know he would not that -- he would not have that. they recognize this is a very special time and something worthy of promotion.
5:33 pm
he wanted to coach the game. when it went to shake hands, a johns said that was tougher than he thought it was going to be. >> the tavis, deval was walking across the field -- toughest thing of all was walking across the field. there was a relation with an incredible amount of devastation and those feelings went hand in hand. maybe the most emotional part of the night. >> john said the most powerful moment came during the national anthem. that is when he said he was starting to get choked up with his arm around his daughter, alison.
5:34 pm
>> thank you. you could call it a super bowl, which added up to some extra sleep time. marye amounthe immaculate hearf school allowed students to show up two hours later. >> students were dropped off late to end on purpose at immaculate heart of mary. there were greeted by cheering classmates who were in the spirit of celebration. and has become a school tradition to open late the day after the super bowl. no one had a clue that the ravens would win the big game. >> i had to wake up early early this morning and i was running around the house watching the
5:35 pm
news. >> we had a great morning and got to sleep in. i hung out with my friends because i car pulled them. >> their work top stories on the morning news. >> this is to recognize the team that gave so much to their school. >> they got up and my son woke up and, like, we won the super bowl. >> students threw a pep rally led by the second graders. more than a year ago, rice and three of his teammates came to the school for a special occasion trading was part of the place 60 contest.
5:36 pm
designed to help students become active. the immaculate heart of mary received $10,000. >> you have raised more than $3,000. >> they use part of the money to help needy families and organizations. >> a nice story. here is look at our other top stories. deliberations under way in the murder trial of michael johnson, accused of killing north carolina and teenager phylicia barnes. prosecutors are asking the jury to piece together the largely circumstantial evidence they have presented. johnson was romantically interested in barnes, prosecutors say, and was jealous of time she spent with others.
5:37 pm
police a man was posing as a maintenance worker at the hampton inn in glen burnie when he brought a couple in their '70's at gunpoint. when they found and he was hiding near another hotel. rodney wiggins said he was there to perform maintenance work when he knocked on their door. when the open the door there were met with a handgun. wiggins made off with cash but was found hiding in the parking lot at a nearby days in. no word on the charges he is facing. >> the state fire marshal's office tried to figure out what sparked a fire alarm fire in apartment and business complex in washington county. this was the scene at 7:15 a.m. this morning in williamsport. one person was inside an apartment but managed to escape unharmed. the damage has been set at $500,000. a look at some of the stories making national and international headlines. >> including the hunt for the
5:38 pm
person or persons responsible for murdering an american mother of two vacationing in turkey. >> a quick look at some more celebration from last night exciting super bowl victory for the ravens.
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>> we're following some breaking developments at of alabama. the hostage standoff involving a 5-year-old boy is over. the child is safe. fbi agents recovered the young boy. the accused kidnapper is dead. few details are being released at this time. negotiations broke down and agents observed him holding a gun. fearing for his safety, agents went into that underground bunker on the man's property. he was gunned -- he gunned down a school bus driver and object to the boy. the boy appears to be ok. >> the fbi is joining the
5:42 pm
investigation into the death of an american woman who was vacationing in turkey. the hearse carrying the body was seen arriving today while her husband followed in another car. their brother traveled to turkey in hopes of founding -- being found alive. officials say the mother of two suffered a fatal blow to the head. >> here is a live look as the caravan heads from the airport where the plane touched down 20 minutes ago, heading up to the castle in owings mills. roy taylor, give us the latest. these are the ravens heading up to owings mills?
5:43 pm
>> i do not think they realized it was until they saw the police escort going bye-bye going northbound toward the beltway, police are in the process of dealing with the motorcade. the championsg safely to owings mills. they have six buses, working their way up toward the inner loop of the beltway. from that there will be working their way up toward the camp. the problem as i am sure your work -- you are aware. traffic can be somewhat of a nightmare this time of night. they're doing the best you can to get the traffic there and getting people of the road and have everything safely taken care of. what i did find interesting, there were some people who stopped at the site of the road to get out and look and watch the ravens work their way out to of the wi -- out of bwi.
5:44 pm
we get to watch the ravens heading back to owings mills. i am capt. roy taylor. >> still ahead. gaining an edge on cancer prevention. >> some people believe that the proper foods and supplements can keep the disease at bay. >> keeping a close eye on some snow coming in from the west. snow coming in from the west. how
5:45 pm
>> gun-control front and center. maryland's top prosecutor told the forum on what can be done to
5:46 pm
curb gun violence. do you want to show your props to the ravens? we have details on how you can watch their victory parade in the city. we'll have these stories and much more tonight
5:47 pm
>> the ravens are underdogs no more. >> fans were eager to get their hands on that merchandize. >> make sure you cheer for the
5:48 pm
ravens, all right? >> 15 minutes after the word named world championships, -- champions, the doors were open to sell. >> were up and down to the final second. i am so excited, go ravens. >> they reopened at 6:00 a.m. for fans eager to have the latest year. >> i should have been out last night getting the gear. i am already behind the ball. everyone has got to have the newest and greatest stuff. >> we even have purple lights in our window. we have to continue the rah-rah, keep going. >> t-shirts and sweatshirts, anything you can think of is printed with the world
5:49 pm
championship level. fans want to get their hands on anything they can. some will use it for bragging rights of the office. >> there -- it does not matter because i am talking trash to every single one of them. >> they can't stop talking about that win. >> it was great for the city and everybody. >> very proud. >> headquarters will be getting in more superbowl merchandise throughout the week. >> now, your 11 insta- weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 38 degrees in downtown baltimore at this hour. many of the outlying suburbs are colder than that, closer to freezing. southern pa below freezing.
5:50 pm
western maryland in the 20's all day and there's some snow coming. the snow is likely to accumulate, at least light amounts. it is one of these fast-moving clippers. it moves through quicken that limits the amount of snow we can get. it is enhanced by the absolute of the maryland of -- of the mountains. allegheny county under a winter storm warning. a cinch inches -- 6 inches of snow is within the possibility. the weather service has inclined -- included frederick county. these bonds could get over 2 inches of snow. we're talking a dusting of to maybe an inch or two. it can see it on the computer models here. slowly spreading in as we get and to -- in 2:08 p.m. tonight. early rush hour tomorrow should be fine. there are some left over slick spot from the evening snowfall. tomorrow, things look good for the parade.
5:51 pm
partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures warming up. lead accumulation, dusting or an inch or two. several inches of snow, maybe over 6 inches in parts of garrett county. 23 to 30 for the love tonight. a light coating of snow. watch out for slippery spots tonight. 45 tomorrow. partly cloudy and might wind, partly cloudy conditions. the sun comes up at 7:09 a.m. look for temperatures closer to normal. highs in the 40's. lows mostly in the 20's. another chance for snow flurries wednesday morning. by friday, a chance for win our spa -- snow. >> we all know the importance of a healthy diet but in the battle against cancer, we also hear about certain foods and supplements that promise to read the disease.
5:52 pm
are they really enough to keep you cancer-free? lisa robinson has more. >> etta has been through ovarian and liver cancer. >> it was stage three by the time i got there. >> she said she does not think she has -- has been able to prevent the ovarian cancer. >> it is hereditary. i do not think there is much like have done. >> there is a lot written about ways to prevent cancer, food to eat and supplements but there is no magic pill or 1 foot that will prevent cancer. >> be aware of your health and seeking regular medical help and examinations are equally as important. >> drinking green tea and eating tomatoes, both with and accidents that could be helpful but it is time to look at the
5:53 pm
bigger picture. >> a balanced diet is more important than concentrating on particular food items or one substance. or try to substitute it by pills. >> you may not have been in new orleans for the confetti drop as the ravens became the super bowl champions, but tonight, details on how you can be part of the homecoming as the team and the city prepare for their purple pride parade. >> free furniture for some customers because of the ravens. that story is next. >> here is another live look at the ravens caravan. they're heading to their they're heading to their i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
5:54 pm
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>> call at a win-win for everyone. for the past three years, a local furniture store has used a gimmick to get customers in. if the ravens return to kick off for a touchdown that would give away free furniture. they owe thousands of dollars in refunds. >> the son is shining on ravens nation. >> they were advertising free
5:57 pm
furniture for those who bought it january 31 through the super bowl day. >> we came yesterday and we bought them and lo and behold, they did it. jacobi jones ran back an anti public could have heard me through the city of baltimore. >> that had employees singing and dancing in the store. >> gardiners wants to congratulate the ravens. we are excited for our fans. we give away $600,000 worth of furniture. quex if you bought furniture you do not have to come in for refund. tony was calling customers delivering the good news.
5:58 pm
>> you got the free furniture. it is wonderful. >> it is great. these people are so excited. >> we have been inundated from people all over the country. it has been an amazing experience. i do not know if we will do it again next year or not because the insurance that we bought to cover the cost is going to quadruple. >> customers can expect a refund within 30 days. they still have to pay uncle sam and any delivery charges but the furniture itself is free. >> thank you, jacumba johns -- jacobi jones. >> final preparations for the victory parade. that story is next. >> the state attorney general convenes a gun violence form.
5:59 pm
some new ideas next. >> you're watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is a special edition of wbal tv 11 news. the ravens, our super bowl champions. >> good evening. you're looking out to -- at a live picture of the baltimore ravens being escorted from the airport to all his bills. we're happy they're back safe and sound your home. >> absolutely. >> you can imagine the team is coming down from an unbelievable, monumental high after beating san francisco last night in nail biting fashion. >> we would think there would be exhausted. what a game it was. a touchdown right off the bat and then the lights go off halting the game for about 35 minutes. the 49ers come back with a vengeance but the ravens held

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